QMC 409 Quick Change Disc

Product Description

  • Quick Change Discs are handy little abrasive discs that are designed for use on high-speed grinders. Equipped with a metal locking, they make a vital contribution to safety even when used in the high speed ranges of 20,000 or 30,000 rpm. What is more, Quick Change Discs quick metal connect can be changed quickly in one simple step – another decisive benefit. This feature makes changing the abrasive discs during the work process quick and easy. The result is reduced set-up times and improved effectiveness. A synthetic fabric lays a strong foundation for the structure of these abrasive discs. Supported by this base is a premium grit composed of zirconia grain, applied with a close coating. The bonding is provided by synthetic resin. Found on the back of the disc is the metal locking that is used to make the connection with the backing pad. This structure of the abrasive discs combined with an additional multibond allow for a cool grinding process. This feature proves especially beneficial during work on stainless steel and offers a high removal rate at the same time. The QMC 409 abrasive discs also come in handy for applications on aluminium as the multibond creates an advantage to reduce loading when used on this material. The Quick Change Discs quick metal connect are the best option for work on

    • stainless steel,
    • metal,
    • NF metal,
    • high-alloy steel as well as
    • fillers, paints, and varnishes.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Metal


Bonding Agent Resin
Grain Zirconia Alumina
Coating Close

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