Force™8 F-2112 A1P2

Force™ 8

Features & Benefits

  • ForceTM Classic Filters F-2000 series for protection against particulates and/or gases, with a low profile angle for minimum visual impairment
  • Cartridges have an integral maintenance free disposable inhalation valve. Easy to attach to the respirator with a secure fit when applied
  • All filters protect against organic or inorganic vapours and gases, fine dusts, fibres, fumes and liquid aerosols when attached to a
    ForceTM 8 half mask or ForceTM10 full face mask
  • Filters offer an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of X10 (FORCE8) or X20 (FORCE10)


Cartridge Body ABS
Cartridge Inner Man-made Materials
Compatible with FORCE8™ HALF MASK
Conformity rating EN-14387

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