HST 555 A Multihole Backing Pad

Product Description

  • Each individual application and material requires a different sanding technique and equipment. While high-speed abrasive discs are needed for particularly aggressive sanding, belt sanders are the right choice whenever an application calls for high removal rates on surfaces or during deburring. Finally, random orbital sanders are the tools of choice for users who need to produce a clean surface finish. These machines combine an oscillating motion with the rotation of an abrasive disc. This allows them to produce a smooth surface without any swirl marks. The benefits of a random orbital sander are

    • easy handling,
    • sanding results without any swirl marks,
    • quick change of the abrasive disc by a hook and loop fastener
    • a clean work environment thanks to an extraction option for dust, debris and chips.
  • Suitable for the BOSCH GEX-150 series

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