HF 100 Inox Carbide Burr Set

Product Description

  • 5 piece burr set, cut 11, in a Klingspor screw box – Contents: HF 100 A 9,6×19,0x6 (334121), HF 100 C 9,6x19x6 (334138), HF 100 D 9,6x8x6 (334145), HF 100 F 9,6x19x6 (334156), HF 100 L 10x20x6 (334204) Advantages: Presentation of the high performance Inox cut – Practical and safe storage of the burrs – Optimized cut for working on austenitic, corrosion and acid-proof stainless steels – Considerably higher stock removal rate compared to the standard double cut.

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