Crownflex A 30 R Supra Cup Grinding Dis

Product Description

  • The Crownflex cup grinding disc A 30 R Supra has been designed for work on steel, but is also an excellent choice for surface grinding as well as the grinding of weld seams. The advantages of this cup grinder include

    • a long service life,
    • optimised aggressiveness and
    • the hardness of the abrasive grain used.

    Just as they do for all of their other products, Klingspor relies on synthetically manufactured grains for these grinding cup grind wheels in order to allows the user to achieve the best possible results. Exceptionally hard and slow-wearing, these grains make it possible to produce results that are remarkably uniform. This Klingspor product is intended to accommodate professional users and craftsmen engaged major projects.


  • Steel

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