Crownflex A 24 R/01 Special Grinding Disc

Product Description

  • The Crownflex grinding discs A 24 R/01 Special have been designed for work on

    • steel and
    • stainless steel.

    The benefits of the products include its high aggressiveness during all types of grinding applications and its long service life. The wheels grouped in the Special performance class are suited for a whole host of real-world applications. Chief among these are the grinding of weld seams including repairs of weld seams and work on root welds as well as use in pipeline and tank construction. Klingspor makes the Crownflex grinding discs A 24 R/01 Special available in different diameters, thus offering models for all types of applications. The shape of the wheels comes with a depressed centre.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel

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