GK 555 A

Product Description

  • The rubber drums GK 555 A by Klingspor set themselves apart with their easy handling and make the task of changing the spirabands quick and easy. The spirabands can be fitted and removed with a slight turn of the drum. The rubber drums are reusable and guaranteed to have a long lifespan. Better still, the drums wear off at an impressively slow rate even if subjected to frequent and rigorous use, Klingspor has developed the rubber drums GK 555 A specifically to serve as holders for the conically-shaped spirabands CS 310 X. When combined with the spiraband, the rubber drum delivers a high level of aggressiveness as well as efficient abrasive performance.


Shaft Diameter 6 mm
Vmax 30 ms
Diameter 22 mm
Width 30 – 60 mm

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