3813 Protective film

Product Description

  • The excellent Kip Masker, protective films, Mask, KipGrip, masking papers and films enable time-saving masking and covering of edges, beams, cornices and large surfaces in one operation. You will achieve the best possible results quickly and efficiently.
  • This protective film is a fully self-adhesive film for various short-term masking work. It consists of standard LDPE film (50 μ). It can be used for protection during painting, plastering and facade cleaning work. The protective film can be used on glass surfaces, stone and carpeted floors and stairs. Caution is advised when using porous substrates such as marble, natural stone, terracotta, painted and unpainted metal surfaces, window frames and weathered PVC substrates. The product is resistant to temperatures of up to 40 ° C.


Carrier Material LDPE
Temperature resistance(°c) 40
Adhesive type Acrylate
Tensile Strength(N/10 mm) 12th
Adhesive stength on steel(N/10 mm) 0.8
Elongation at break(%) 200
Use Inside 10 days
Use Outside 10 days

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